Hazem Jweinat is a videographer and photographer who has been making the world a more creative place since 2005, ever since he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Applied Science, in Amman, Jordan, he is currently a freelance photographer/videographer & post production specialist.
Picking up a camera for the first time, Hazem discovered his passion for seeing life from behind a lens, and has been capturing moments to last a lifetime ever since 2008. A foodie by nature, and a lover of the great outdoors, he specializes in food, landscape and commercial photography. 
Hazem makes it a point to combine his photography repertoire with his photo retouching skills and advertising experience, complementing each other to produce his best work. He also employs his Adobe Suite skills to turn his brightest ideas into great executions.
Not many can claim to see the world the way Hazem does, with his keen eye for detail, spotting opportunity where others might only see ruin. Hence, his ideas might seem unorthodox, but they are certainly worthwhile.

Thank you!